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We know that a healthy mouth—especially the teeth, lips and tongue—is essential for speech and affects our ability to taste, chew, and digest foods. We also know that poor oral health—such as chronic inflammation from gum disease—has been associated with heart disease, blockages, and strokes.



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Meet Dr. Chao

Dr. Chao, who moved to Traverse City in 2000 from his native California, holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from UCLA, a Doctorate in Dentistry from the University of Pacific, and a Masters Degree in business from Golden Gate University. He’s also known to be a member of the Michigan Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, and the Orognathic Bioesthetic Institute. Dr. Chao is a certified CPR instructor for the American Red Cross.

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Our Testimonials

Dr Chao and the entire staff were a pleasure to meet. Professional but truely caring are there hallmark. They didn’t just go through the motions and provide only good dental care. They provided excellent dental care and the reassuring feeling that you have had the best care possible!

Other dentists recommended costly procedures but Dr Chao didn’t. He just said to keep doing what I have been and he’ll see me next year! Good hearted and good natured. A pleasure to talk with.

Thank you!

5 of 5 Stars
Our entire family goes to Garfield dental group and would completely recommend. About 10 years ago our family dentist retired so we went to another dentist who really screwed up my teeth and gums. At that point we realized that we needed to find a great dentist again. We found it in doctor Choa.
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Dr. Chao is a fantastic dentist. I have never even had a cavity and found out I had a cracked molar from grinding and clenching my teeth at night. Although the crack did not show up on X-rays, Dr. Chao was able to identify where it was and show me on screen through the sophisticated imaging system he uses. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, he got me in right away to fit me for a crown; made and fit the crown right in the office while I waited, using a hi-tech 3-D printer to create it. It felt like my own tooth from day one and my tooth pain went away immediately.

I had an extremely good experience and would recommend Dr. Chao and Garfield Dental Group to anyone. They use the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment, have unparalleled expertise and are all very friendly.

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I’ve been to 4 dentists in TC. Dr. Chao has been the best. He has integrity and compassion. An asset in the field of dentistry. I can’t say that for any others I’ve seen.
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Would highly recommend Garfield Dental Group. Dr Chao and staff are always kind and caring, making sure your dental needs are always met.
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Dr. Ron Chao and his team improve your smile and make you smile all at the same time. Outstanding!
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Excellent dentist and staff. Thank you!
5 of 5 Stars